Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wife Accepts Crossdressing

I am sitting here wearing black nylon panties and a black nylon slip. It is okay with my wife. I sleep in them and love the way they feel. I also love white nylon panties and have a short white nylon night shirt that I wear when it is warm. I don't like colored panties except for pastel pink, yellow and blue. It turns me on to go shopping for my own, and I like to watch the sales lady as she zaps the bar code and puts them in a bag. One day, I was talking to my wife about maybe getting some sexier lingerie. She wears plain white bras and plain cotton panties that don't do a thing for me. We were looking at bras, and I felt myself getting excited. One day when I was off work, I went to the store and bought myself a white bra trimmed in lace. It was a size thirty-eight between an A and a B cup. I also bought some pads to fill them out. I could hardly wait to get home and put it on. I wore it all that day. I have bought four more bras since then. I have a black lace, a plain black smooth-cup bra, a white lace and a pink lace one. I like the way I look when I have the smooth-cup on and a tight shirt or one of my wife's tight tops. It is late now, and I am going to the bathroom and put on a bra and pleasure myself. Having a wife that accepts my crossdressing is so wonderful.