Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crossdressing Stories

I have been sitting here at my computer for the past several hours reading all the stories of guys wearing panties and lingerie at this great panty community I found. I have been wearing my favorite leopard baby-doll and masturbating the entire time. I am so damn hot right now, but I do not want to finish yet because there are so many more stories to read. I have been wearing panties day and night for several years now and wearing nighties to bed every night, too. For those of you that have never tried them, give it a try, I KNOW you will like it. Panties are so very much more comfortable than men’s briefs or boxers. They are lighter and sexier, too. Anyway, I’ve got to go and finish myself! Go check out all the hot crossdressing stories, I have to go finish rubbing myself while reading them.

Wearing Wifes Lingerie

I, too, love wearing lingerie and other things also. I have cross-dressed for years and find it a huge thrill. I have even gone for drives while dressed and love going to adult bookstore or theaters while dressed up. I usually wear panties and bra or pantyhose everyday. I find it very erotic and love the feeling I get when I am wearing them.

Wearing Womans Nylon Panties

I love to wear women’s nylon panties. I wear them all the time. I wear them for sleep, to go work, to go to the gym, and to go shopping. I wear no more men’s underwear. It's sensational. I love so much to feel the sensation of soft and sheer nylon. I have many panties that I bought online. I love it and hope to keep wearing them for a long time.

Wife Accepts Crossdressing

I am sitting here wearing black nylon panties and a black nylon slip. It is okay with my wife. I sleep in them and love the way they feel. I also love white nylon panties and have a short white nylon night shirt that I wear when it is warm. I don't like colored panties except for pastel pink, yellow and blue. It turns me on to go shopping for my own, and I like to watch the sales lady as she zaps the bar code and puts them in a bag. One day, I was talking to my wife about maybe getting some sexier lingerie. She wears plain white bras and plain cotton panties that don't do a thing for me. We were looking at bras, and I felt myself getting excited. One day when I was off work, I went to the store and bought myself a white bra trimmed in lace. It was a size thirty-eight between an A and a B cup. I also bought some pads to fill them out. I could hardly wait to get home and put it on. I wore it all that day. I have bought four more bras since then. I have a black lace, a plain black smooth-cup bra, a white lace and a pink lace one. I like the way I look when I have the smooth-cup on and a tight shirt or one of my wife's tight tops. It is late now, and I am going to the bathroom and put on a bra and pleasure myself. Having a wife that accepts my crossdressing is so wonderful.

Who Who Like Crossdressers

I love to wear women’s leotards, swimwear, or lingerie. The look and feel makes me so excited. Nothing feels as good as the way the satin material wraps and hugs my skin. I get so excited draped in this sexy fabric. It’s really exciting in the changing room when a female clerk knows I’m trying on women’s clothes.

Panty Sex With Girlfriend

I have loved panties for most of my life. I have worn nothing but women’s panties for the last thirty years. I don't even own any men's underwear. I also enjoy wearing bras, hose, slips, and other items of lingerie. I am bisexual. I have been with several woman who liked me dressing up and am currenlty with one who likes when I wear stockings and satin panties and likes licking me through them. Its so amazing having sex while dresses.

Having Sex While Wearing Panties

I love to wear women clothes whenever I can. I have stolen clothes, panties, and bras from some of my coworkers and have worn them to work on occasion. String, satin bikinis are my favorite. I have even dressed in lingerie and waited for the newspaper girl to walk by and see me. I love to have sex wearing my panties